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1byone 350ML fashionable Aroma Diffuser Oil Diffuser, Ultrasonic Humidifier by using Colorful LED Light, Increases Humidity in Your dwelling or Office, improve Any Oil or Perfume to Spread the Smell

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>>> 1byone 350ML fashionable Aroma Diffuser <<<

1byone 350ML fashionable Aroma Diffuser

Warrantry :

This product cannot be used by persons with the help of reduced physical ,sensory or mental abilities (including children)

Feature :

  • High Quality, significant Capacity - Made of high-quality elements with the help of the help of no hazardous plastics, and a 350ML (1.44 cups) the the water tank that can produce mist for up to 11 hours straight (with auto shut al when the the water runs out).
  • Elegant trend and design - A seashell trend and design with the help of the help of wooden-look finish and only a novel button demanded to regulate this unit's mist idea and covered cycling 7-color LED lighting.
  • Relax Your Life-Relieve stress from an exhausting day and continue to keep your set always fresh and fragrant with the help of the help of pleasant aroma.
  • Ultrasonic know-how - Consistent operations no problem the setting so your residing space is evenly humidified with the help of the help of soothing, fragrant mist.

    Prevents dry, smelly air and chapped body in winter or when in dry and fresh up locations.

    Resulting air ionization can also help prevent spread of cold and flu germs.
  • Quality Guarantee - This aroma diffuser has received numerous certifications, as RoHS (lead-free),CE (Europe), UL (American), ETL (North America), SGS (Switzerland), PSE (Japan), GS (Germany), and SAS certifications.

    Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority, and so we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee along the length of with the help of the help of a total 12-month warranty.

    purely obtain accommodate of us if you demand assistance or a replacement unit!

Details :

Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

Our 1byone Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser uses ultrasonic concept to vaporize the water and construct a light, fragrant mist to raise your mood and relieve stress.

Large Mist Coverage

The 350ml the water tank, when combined by using ultrasonic technology, can cover a very vast area by using calming aroma mist.

quickly just location this compact, chic aroma diffuser in your bedroom, residing room, or office environment environment and knowledge clean, fresh air that will do wonders not only for your body but for your mind.

Automatic-Off healthy practices System

Don't worry about leaving Aroma Diffuser on when you're asleep or away from your house, as the diffuser will automatically stop the misting process when the the water in-tank reaches a very low amounts to protect the unit's internals and boost long-term durability.

7-Color Cycling LED Lamp Lighting

convert off the overhead lights and convert on Aroma Diffuser's constructed LED lighting for a calming show of color.

Choose between 7 dazzling colors or let them cycle to construct a seriously particular video or graphic environment.

Negative Ionization

Ultrasonic concept not only creates a calming mist, but also negatively charges the mist.

This then combines by using positive air particles to help acquire pollution particles and cold/flu germs out of the air for a cleaner environment.

In addition, recent research has shown the beneficial physical effects of negative ions in increasing potential and alertness and increasing circulatory and nervous system health.

Compact, fashionable Aroma Diffuser In Your Bedroom, existing Room, Or office environment And acquire pleasure in Clean, Fresh Air That Will Do Wonders Not Only For Your Body But For Your Mind.

Automatic-Off defense System

Don't Worry About Leaving Aroma Diffuser On When You're Asleep Or Away From Your House, As The Diffuser Will Automatically Stop The Misting Process When The the water In-tank
Reaches A Very Low amount To Protect The Unit's Internals And enhance Long-term Durability.

7-Color Cycling LED Lamp Lighting

convert Off The Overhead Lights And convert On Aroma Diffuser's built in LED Lighting For A tranquilizing Show Of Color.

Choose Between 7 exquisite Colors Or Let Them Cycle To build A truly extraordinary vision Environment.


Ultrasonic know-how Not Only Creates A tranquilizing Mist, But Also Negatively Charges The Mist.

This Then Combines with the help of Positive Air Particles To Help acquire Pollution Particles And Cold/flu Germs Out Of The Air For A Cleaner Environment.

In Addition, Recent Research Has Shown The Beneficial Physical Effects Of Negative Ions In Increasing vitality And Alertness And Increasing Circulatory And Nervous System Health.