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Betty Dain The Turban Trendy privacy dea Shower Cap, Aqua Stones, 0.1 Pound

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>>> Betty Dain Turban Trendy comfort and ease <<<

Betty Dain Turban Trendy Comfort

Feature :

  • Water repellant, seem reducing polyester preserves hair waterless while providing comfort
  • Sleek turban style and design and trend having trendy, fashionable print
  • Perfect for preserving hair treatments and blowouts
  • Elastic-free trim eliminates forehead creases
  • Roomy style and design and trend for in fact the thickest and fullest head of hair

Details :

The Shower Turban is the hottest trendy privacy in superior shape shower hat from Betty Dain.

each particular and every Shower Turban is made of h2o repellant, audio reducing polyester which maintains hair dried up while providing comfort.

The sleek turban type features a trendy "Aqua Stones" pattern and its roomy type accommodates possibly the thickest and fullest head of hair.

The Shower Turban is a large number of suitable for preserving your hottest hair treatment from the salon or blowout by way of the blow dried up bar.

The elastic free forehead trim is made to eliminate forehead creases to have you looking your best.

good Reducing Polyester Which keep Hair dry and fresh While Providing Comfort.

The Sleek Turban style and design Features A Trendy "Aqua Stones"
Pattern And Its Roomy style and design Accommodates perhaps The Thickest And Fullest Head Of Hair.

The Shower Turban Is ideal For Preserving
Your a large number of popular Hair Treatment From The Salon Or Blowout by The Blow dry and fresh Bar.

The Elastic Free Forehead Trim Is created To Eliminate Forehead Creases To Have You Looking Your Best.