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Herbal determination Mari Organic Breath Fresh 100ml/ 3.4oz Spray

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>>> Herbal great variety Mari Organic Breath <<<

Herbal great variety Mari Organic Breath

Feature :

  • USDA Certified Organic Concentrated Formula, packed up up in a thick violet eco-friendly glass
  • Alcohol free, No GMO, free from gluten, tree nuts, soy, corn, petrochemicals and no chemical dyes
  • Free of Triclosan (skin irritant, endocrine disruptor, organ system toxic chemical)
  • Free of sodium benzoate, fluoride, saccharin, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, SLS
  • Cruelty Free, Vegan and Vegetarian.

    Made in the USA.

Details :

Since 1995 Natures Brands Herbal decision Mari assortment has been offering consumers the many normal and very a good number of suitable common care.

This organic breath freshener spray bears pure herbs that help fight bacteria.

A mint problems freshener that instantly freshens your breath having the help of a cool rather long lasting peppermint taste.

tender plenty of for the many confidential mouth, having the help of canker sores or confidential gumline and a little bit goes a rather long way.

This normal breath spray is alcohol free, no sugar or artificial sweeteners (such as sucralose, sorbitol or saccharin), no artificial colors, no fluoride, preservatives or Triclosan and is completely chemical free.

Triclosan has shown to cause irritation, endocrine disruption, and organ system toxicity (non-reproductive).

No artificial sweetener, such as saccharin is added.

Saccharin was prohibited in the seventies however due to popular public demand it was allowed by the FDA as rather long as it had the requested FDA warning label.

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Your Breath having A Cool long Lasting Peppermint Taste.

softer adequate For The a good number of confidential Mouth, having Canker Sores Or confidential gumline And A Little Bit Goes A long Way.

This purely natural Breath Spray Is Alcohol Free, No Sugar Or Artificial Sweeteners (such
As Sucralose, Sorbitol Or Saccharin), No Artificial Colors, No Fluoride, Preservatives Or Triclosan And Is Completely Chemical Free.

Triclosan Has Shown To Cause Irritation, Endocrine Disruption, And Organ System Toxicity (non-reproductive).

No Artificial
Sweetener, Such As Saccharin Is Added.

Saccharin Was Prohibited In The Seventies However Due To Popular Public Demand It Was Allowed By The FDA As long As It Had The required FDA Warning Label.

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