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The most powerful benzoyl peroxide acne medication available without a prescription, now microencapsulated in a continuous release formula. Medicine absorbs faster and deeper to kill 99% of acne bacteria on contact and continuously fight breakouts Medicine absorbs faster and deeper to kill 99% of

Gently deep-cleans to remove pore-clogging dirt and excess oil. Medication stays in pores to keep fighting breakouts, even after rinsing. Oil-free purifying cleanser Continuous-release acne treatment Micro-sized medication

AcneFree® 24 Hour Acne Clearing System.Clear skin treatments.Advanced formula.Eliminates acne bacteria.Compare to Proactiv®.AcneFree, clear skin treatments, oil free, purifying cleanser, advanced micro-benzoyl peroxide, step 1.AcneFree, clear skin Renewing toner with oil control and tone

Deep penetrating pore therapy helps soothe acne-inflamed skin and absorb the excess oils that attract acne causing bacteria. A minty cool, refreshing tingle let you feel it working Sulfur is a proven natural and effective acne treatment Helps minimize the appearance of pores with refined skin tone