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TOP OF THE LINE TECHNOLOGY: Two moving brush heads in one. The dual clean toothbrush head features twice the cleaning action thanks to two moving brush heads in one. It delivers a thorough cleaning to remove plaque, freshen and provide gum care. The PROVIDES AN ALL INCLUSIVE CLEANING - The Alayna

Do you have an itchy untamed beard? Are you looking for hassle free grooming? Do you want a compact stylish design? This is the ultimate beard care accessory! Alayna (TM) Beard Comb is perfect for grooming and maintaining facial hair. Great for IDEAL FOR BEARDS AND MUSTACHES- Perfect size allowing

WHY YOU WILL LOVE THESE ALAYNA REPLACEMENT BRUSH HEADS: **You will Receive 20 Brush Heads. ** The round shape of the Alayna Replacement toothbrush head surrounds each tooth for individual cleaning. ** The replacement toothbrush head features Micro COMPATIBLE FOR: First Quality Generic