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Holds Hair Straight, Frizz-Free & Shiny For Up to 3 Days* For All Hair Types Infused With Keratin This revolutionary formula creates a smooth salon finish for up to 3 days.* A unique combination of ultra-light Mediterranean Olive Oil & Argan Oil - Argan oil 6.76 fluid ounces

Marc Anthony True Professional Instantly Thick, Hair Thickening Cream is fortified with a custom blend of hydrolyzed corn, wheat and soy proteins called phytokeratin. This helps strengthen each hair strand while adding intense shine and instant lift No Mercury

The Anthony Logistics for Men Ingrown Hair Treatment soothes razor burns and reduces redness after shaving. The product's glycolic acid formula works hard as it exfoliates skin by removing dead cells, releasing ingrown hair. It also kills bacteria Durable Product

Get fresh without the mess. Unique formula transforms from a cream to a talc-free lightweight powder immediately upon application. Features a fresh, citrus scent Tapioca Starch provides a powder-like barrier to keep you dry. Protects skin and private areas from chafing and discomfort Aloe Vera