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Aquasentials Mesh Pouf Bath Sponge will make your shower gels and soaps last longer, and keep skin healthier with daily sudsing and gentle exfoliating using a classic mesh sponge. Just rub on your favorite soap or apply bath or shower gel for a Exfoliating Texture Easy to Hang Work with any shower

Sisal like soft texture, exfoliate your skin, Works with any Soap or Shower Gel.

AquaBella Exfoliating bath cloth is a unique exfoliating texture of synthetic fiber.It is soothing and refresh. It comes in assorted colors such as white, lavender, pink, and green. Unique exfoliating texture Soothing and Refresh Large Size - 35 x 11 in (Can be cut to small size or use as long back

Enjoy a repair session with this Moisturizing Gloves. Simply apply your favorite lotion or cream then let the glove do its work. Design to seal In moisture Work with your favorite lotion or cream Can be worn overnight One Size Fits Most 95% Cotton 5% Spandex

Exfoliating mesh soap saver pouch, great to hang and store your favorite soap without making a mess in the bathroom. Approximately 7in Length Color: Purple, Coral Red, Blue, Forest Green, Assorted. Works with most size soaps Exfoliating Easy to Hang

AquaBella Exfoliating Mesh Brush has a large mesh cleaning surface with a natural wood handle. It can last upto three months. The brush is 18 inches long with an easy to hang feature.

Apply shower gel onto mesh, rub gently to create lather. Hang to dry after use. Recommend replacement every two weeks. Palm size mesh pouf sponge Create great lather with any shower gel Recommand replacement in every 3 to 4 weeks White, Blue, Pink , Red, Orange, Green or Yellow, Assorted.

Aquasentials Exfoliating Pumice Stone, Great to remove dead skins and keep them smooth. Great to remove dead skins and keep them smooth 3.5in long