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7 Sample PACKS of 35 Blades These are brand NEW Double Edge Razor Blades 5 FEATHER Hi-Stainless (Japan) 5 Gillette Platinum (Russia) 5 DERBY (Turkey) 5 ASTRA Superior Platinum (Russia) 5 7 O'clock Super Stainless (Russia) 5 Silver Blue (Russia) 5 7 Different Brands. 35 blades TOTAL. Some of the

GBS manufactures high-end grooming tools and accessories. Proudly offers high quality craftsmanship and exquisite style at an affordable price Platinum Coated for Superior Smoothness and Longevity A barbershop favorite Excellent in Parker, Merkur, Gillette and all other standard double edge safety

High quality DE blades made in Russia by Gillette. Stainless steel, coated blades with a Platinum plated edge. The Astra blades are known for their smoothness, unsurpassed sharpness and durability. Top of the Astra product line. Widely used by 30 Double Edge Safety Razor Bldes Imported From

Its the ultimate tool for smooth, wavy or curly styling. Safe for fragile, delicate hair, ideal for thick, coarse hair. This irons unique combination of heat and vibration means hair glides effortlessly between the plates for smoother, straighter Variable temperature setting (190°-450°) can be