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HANDLE THE 10 MOST COMMON SKIN CONDITIONS WITH RAW SHEA BUTTER The skin is the largest organ of the body and serves several important functions including protection, regulating body temperature and storing water, fat and vitamins. Unrefined Shea Highest rated shea butter for 3 years in a row as

Say hello to your new favorite skin care product! African Black Soap cleans skin naturally and gently while keeping it moist and soft. It can help to soothe and heal problematic skin, as well as provide gentle exfoliation. Because it is such a Large 1 LB block that will last you for months; to use

Your skin is your body's largest organ. Give it the love it deserves with our highly prized, 100% pure, expeller pressed Mango Butter. Pure, rich Mango Butter is an effective and natural way to protect your skin from all of life's daily dangers.Use Smooth, soft, melts easily, glides on skin to add

WHAT CAN COCOA BUTTER DO FOR YOUR SKIN? STRETCH MARK REDUCTION - Cocoa Butter is widely noted to help prevent and reduce stretch marks. Its high percentage of anti-oxidants and fatty acids makes it the key ingredient in every stretch mark cream on Pressed from the roasted seeds of the Cacao trees

Do you want to have total control over what goes on your skin? Make your own skin care products! Homemade Sunscreen: add Zinc Oxide Powder to any of your DIY body butters or lotions, and you have a simple and effective sunscreen. Acne Cream: Non-Nano and not micronized; this means the