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Biotene Dry Mouth Mouthwash is a soothing mouthwash that cleans and refreshes the mouth. Unlike some harsh mouthwashes that can leave you wincing, Biotene dry mouth Mouthwash gently cleans a dry mouth, moisturizing minor irritation. Biotene soothes A soothing mouthwash that cleans and refreshes the

Biotene Mouth Spray 1.5oz 1 Each / Each Central Sales Co Inc. LCL00155 Biotene Mouth Spray 1.5oz

For relief of dry mouth symptoms, Biotene Oral Balance Gel helps to soothe oral tissues while administering long-lasting relief. It is the number-one recommended brand by both dentists and hygienists and is designed to provide hours of relief. Concentrated formula Soothing and moisturizing relief

Biotene Dry Mouth Mouthwash contains four different types of enzymes that will help stimulate saliva flow and help fight oral bacteria. It is an alcohol free mouthwash, that contains xylitol, which is a well known inhibitor of bacterial growth. In Pack of twenty-four, 2-ounce bottles (total of