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BLUE CROSS Cuticle Remover 16oz. is Lanolin enriched to safely and easily remove cuticles without cutting. Removes dead tissue and leaves cuticles soft and pliant. Usage Tips Apply around base of nails and gently work areound cuticle. Wash off nails Blue Cross Cuticle Remover 16 oz.

Relief Lavender Scented Epsom Salt. Resealable package. Calming and relaxing soak. Soothing relief from exertion and stiffness. 1 lb package RELIEF FOR OVEREXERTION & STIFFNESS - If you work hard or have a lot of stress, get soothing relief from your overexertion and stiffness with RELIEF Epsom

Blue Cross Cuticle Remover with Lanolin Cuticle Remover Quick - Easy - Safe The surest way to remove cuticles