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This is a special two pack of our premium 10% sulfur cleansing bar soap with Australian tea tree oil, and is specially packaged and prepared. --- As a general wash, our 10% sulphur soaps should always be activated by soaking in warm water for at 10% sulfur, with Australian Tea Tree Oil Premium

Premium 10% Traditional Sulfur Soap. 10% Premium Sulfur Soap. Ideal should you wish to refill your Sulfur Soap Suds Jar with this special 4 pack Amazon promotion. Traditional 10% Sulfur Formula - replaces Fostex, Stiefel. Advanced colloidal system, lathers into creamy emulsion when properly

Premium 10% sulfur bar soap was designed by dermatologists, and is the leading sulphur soap worldwide. Premium - 10% sulphur wash. Fresh, natural scent. Zero perfume. No fragrance added - none. Plant based ingredients. Vegan care. Zero artificial fragrances. Zero dyes. No artificial perfumes. Large