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Cuccio quick dry drops helps dry layers of polish quickly while providing moisture and protection. Nail solutions are designed to meet specific needs of every type of nail client or use as maintenance after salon/spa care to grow longer, stronger, Dries layers of polish Quick dry Convenient dropper

Cuccio natural milk and honey butter blend hydrating treatment for hand and feet and body leaves skin extremely soft with a dewy finish. Lasts five times longer than ordinary lotion. Lasts five times longer than ordinary lotion. Creamy blend for Lasts five times longer than ordinary lotion Creamy

A blend of Milk and Honey naturally helps calm, soothe and moisturize the skin with vital nutrients. Instant, soft to the touch skin with no oily feeling. 24 hour hydration: formulated with time released emollients that moisturize the skin every two 24-hour hydration. Time released emollients