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Get Rid of Your Facial Impurities Now These tools made of 100% surgical grade stainless steel are appropriate for any skin types and help with your skin care. Easily remove your face impurities, Blackhead,whiteheads, Comedones ,Acne, Zit, Splinter Made of 100% dermatologist grade surgical steel to

Ingrown Toenail Lifter & 2 sided manicure nail file cleaner Sturdy & Durable 100% Surgical Stainless Steel Made of 100% dermatologist grade surgical steel to allow safe sterilization, prevent corrosion/rust and minimize risk of infections Effective and efficient tools. Superb surgical stainless

Clean earwax effectively & safely These earwax cleaners are ergonomicly designed and made for removing build-up and impacted earwax. Unlike misused q-tips, DaBee earwax cleaners get your excess earwax out instead of pushing deeper. Skid designed Effective in removing build up and impacted ear