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Fight Shrinkage: As much as we love our fabulous curls in their natural state… Let’s be honest, the shrinkage struggle is real when it comes to curly hair and from time-to-time you may just want to switch it up by elongating your curl pattern. Contains Honey and Chamomile to define curls and

Proven to Moisturize, Soften Hair, & Smooth the Cuticle: Exactly in that order! Our Almond and Avocado Detangling Leave-In Conditioner is a lightweight moisturizing conditioner that instantly replenishes the daily moisture that your strands often Nourishing botanicals penetrate hair shaft quickly

Design Essentials Silk Essentials is healthy, shiny and silky hair is an essential part of everyone's lifestyle today. Design Essentials compliments this desire by providing hair with moisture binding 100 percent silk that improves the feel, gloss Healthy, shiny and silky hair Improves the feel,

Sulfate-Free Formula: Need we say more? By now, most know that cleansing agents that contain sulfate ingredients are simply too harsh for natural curls. Prompting Design Essentials to create a cleansing solution perfect for all curl types! Our Sulfate free formula with maximum lather properties

What is this product? Design Essentials Moisture Retention Conditioning Shampoo is a moisture preserving, gentle cleansing shampoo that can be used daily. More info: Cleanses hair while preserving moisture Gentle non-stripping formula Lathers

cleanses and helps control flaking caused by common scalp conditions such as Dandruff and Seborrheic Dermatitis. Gentle cleansing formula Pyrithione Zinc helps to control flaking Relieves the scalp of itching and dryness Restores moisture balance Gentle cleansing formula Pyrithione Zinc helps to