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Cotton/Rayon tipped applicator sticks and tips are manufactured to uniform length and shape. Cotton tips are highly absorbent Sterile applicators are packaged in convenient peel-down pouches Bag is autoclavable with a colored auto claving process marker, turning reddish pink to brown

Adult Combs are manufactured of hard durable plastic for long life. Fine teeth on one end and extra fine teeth on the opposite side Small enough to conveniently store Economical Black in color

Large cotton balls are ideal for general purpose swab. Use Dynarex Cotton Balls to apply makeup, astringents and cleansing lotions and to remove makeup and nail polish Cotton is naturally soft, absorbent and gentle Non-sterile Used for surgical site preparation 1000 count

Other information: store at 68-77 degrees f (20-25 degrees c). Misc: 1.8 percent coal tar; 1.5 percent menthol. Dermatologist recommended ingredient. Improved. Maximum itch relief. Maximum strength for persistent itching. Helps control severe Dandruff shampoo plus conditioner, maximum strength 10