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Premium oral care products. Naturally effervescent for healthier teeth & gums. Up to 200 brushings. Hardens teeth without fluoride! Better than pastes! Natural Effervescence makes it better! Better, fresher cleaning of teeth and gums. Less plaque. Airline Safe Tastes great. Recommended by

Premium oral care products. More peroxide power! Naturally effervescent baking soda toothpowder. Up to 200 brushings. Better than pastes! Natural effervescence and peroxide make it better! Less abrasive. For a great smile, brush with Extra-Brite Airline Safe Tastes great. Recommended by

Eco-dent gentle floss premium dental floss mint. Description: reduces tooth decay. Helps eliminate plaque. Freshens breath. No plastic box. 100% vegan waxed. Economical - 100 yards. Better for your teeth and your planet. As many as 700 million Reduces tooth decay Helps Eliminate Plaque Freshens