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Essential Oil Labs Premium Select Helichrysum Oil INTRODUCING OUR PREMIUM SELECT LINE. The Highest Quality Helichrysum Oil Available (Neryl Acetate 32%) with no chemicals, fillers or additives. 100% pure and natural, steam distilled therapeutic grade, ideal for aromatherapy with many uses for home,

Essential Oil Labs Sweet Almond Oil. HOLIDAY COUNTDOWN SALE: SAVE 74% TODAY! YOU HAVE CRACKED OR DRY SKIN? The ULTIMATE SKIN CARE COMPANION. Many Benefits including moisturizing all skin types. Helps treat and reduce itchiness and redness of chronic skin conditions like Eczema and Psoriasis. High

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You will feel invigorated while purifying your body and the air you breath with Essential Oil Labs Eucalyptus oil. Steam distilled from only select Eucalyptus leaves this oil has many benefits including improving respiratory issues. This versatile HOLIDAY COUNTDOWN SALE - SAVE 75% TODAY! ALL

Be Careful of Cheap Low Quality Peppermint oil! Are you feeling lethargic, tired, stressed and generally unwell? Are you wanting to feel better in 2015? Your search has brought you to this page for a reason! Introducing Essential Oil Labs 100% HOLIDAY COUNTDOWN SALE - SAVE 75% TODAY! THE PUREST

Build confidence while enhancing your mood with Essential Oil Labs Bergamot Oil. Produced in small batches to ensure the highest quality available. With a fresh citrus scent, our oil is wonderful for a variety of skin conditions, relieving stress, ALL BERGAMOT OIL IS NOT EQUAL! We Challenge you to

From the Chilian mountains comes Essential Oil Labs Organic Rosehip Oil - the ultimate beauty companion. Your skin will love the hydration from just a few drops, feeling soft and supple. Extracted from the seeds of the rose bush, this versatile oil HOLIDAY COUNTDOWN SALE - SAVE 75% TODAY! ALL

Improve your mood with Essential Oil Labs Rosemary oil. It is a wonderful oil that has many benefits including hair growth when mixed with your favorite shampoo and a natural air freshener. When added to a carrier oil it works well to reduce pain on ALL ROSEMARY OIL IS NOT EQUAL! Introducing our

Made from the Rinds of Italian Lemons, Essential Oil Lab's Lemon Oil is safe for ingestion and has a variety of benefits including an aid for digestion, kick starting your metabolism, immune support and the perfect bad breath cure. The ideal HOLIDAY COUNTDOWN SALE - SAVE 77% TODAY! ALL LEMON OIL IS

From the Himalayan Mountains comes Essential Oil Labs Premium Select Rose Absolute Oil, harvested from hand picked fresh rose petals in the morning hours before sunrise. You will come to love and appreciate the wonderful floral fragrance, which also AHHH ROSES! The Highest Quality Rose Oil