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Infusium 23 PRO Original Leave-In Treatment infuses hair with a Pro-Vitamin B5 formula to deeply penetrate and repair the cuticle layers from damage. Detangles and strengthens, while helping to protect against breakage. Improves the manageability of Detangles while adding manageability and shine

Repair and Renew HairInfusium 23 Repair & Renew Leave In Treatment helps repair damaged hair and protects it from further damage. It infuses the hair cuticles to help strengthen it and foster healthy growth. In combination with the i-23 complex, leave-in,treatment,3 leave

3: To nourish & fortify stressed, damaged hair. Proven beauty. Stressed, damaged hair is restructured to help protect against further harm and damage while being restored to its peak beauty and health. Infusium 23 does it all with an integrated Pack of 2, Each 16 oz Restructures stressed, damaged