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Kiss my Face: Lavender & Shea Moisture Shave - 11 fl. oz. Does Not Contain: This product contains no animal ingredients, artificial colors, or unnecessary chemicals and was not tested on animals.

Recuperate, revive, relax. Let the warm, calming water drench your body. Soothe & calm your mind. Allow the herbs & botanicals to create a sense of composure, a feeling of peace & quietude within your being. Let them soothe your skin. Treat yourself Recuperate and relax as the warm water washes

Made with 86% pure olive oil for superior moisturizing. pack of three 4 ounce bars is a 33% savings over individual bar purchase. A natural cleansing and moisturizing soap. For centuries, the people of the Mediterranean have recognized the benefits Naturally cleanse and moisturize with this

Kiss My Face® Obsessively Kids® Defense™ Air Powdered Spray® Continuous Spray Sunscreen.With Antioxidant Defenders®.Iggy the iguana.No parabens, oxybenzone.Aloe & vitamin E.Clear, rub-free.50 advanced protection.Broad spectrum SPF 50 water Broad spectrum spf protection Anti - oxidant

Enjoy effective all day protection with our natural formulas. We've combined time tested botanicals like coriander, hops and rosemary with odor absorbing ingredients to keep you fresh and confident all day. Free of parabens and aluminum Neutralize and eliminate odors with this aluminum

Moisturizer-honey calendula by kiss my face 16 oz liquid honey calendula natural ultra moisturizer honey and calendula an ancient remedy for superior moisturizing is highly recommended for dry and chapped skin. Honey is a hydrophilic attracting Kiss my face 16 fluid ounces

Highly recommended for sensitive skin, this moisturizer softens with Olive Oil, Aloe Vera, natural herbs & flowers. Olive Oil has been used for centuries to care for the skin, while Aloe Vera has long been acclaimed "the healing plant." We blended Your skin absorbs what you put on it - this unique

Your hair will look great Whenever you use it! Whenever shampoo gently and thoroughly cleans your hair without stripping or drying it out. Soothe your scalp with Green Tea & Lime and leave your hair looking healthy and beautiful. For everyday use Moisture balancing No SLS or

Extra SPF-30 protection for active adults & children. This long-lasting lip balm with organic ingredients is preservative free & water resistant. With certified organic beeswax, certified organic coconut oil, Vitamin E, shea butter & scented with Organic beeswax is skin softening with antioxidant

Besides whitening teeth and soothing gums, this great tasting organic aloe gel will help desensitize teeth with the addition of the clinically proven, naturally occurring potassium nitrate, all without artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives. Breath blasting freshness Antioxidant Defenders

Take extra special care to protect and help reduce wrinkles on the overexposed, yet fragile skin of the face and neck. Our formula is rich in Alpha Lipoic Acid, Green Tea Extract, and the patented Zoe, a remarkably effective Linoleic Ester that 2 ounce tube Fragrance free formula is water