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Maple Holistics Silk18 Conditioner Years of research have been dedicated to formulating a blend of conditioning agents which can maximize smooth hairness, have no potentially harmful additives, and be effective for all hair types. Silk18 is end Silk18 conditioner contains more than just a

Why Tea Tree Oil Shampoo? Tea Tree shampoo takes advantage of a synergistic formula which works to solve the root problems which are the cause of dandruff. Made of the most organic and mild ingredients, the shampoo which holds our signature formula Clears out old skin cells from hair to stimulate

Our argan oil essential oil shampoo has a plethora of benefits for the scalp and hair. The scalp, your first defense for healthy voluminous hair, is important to keep moisturized. Our nourishing formula hydrates the skin and helps to clean the hair Argan shampoo introduces the ultimate haircare

This homeopathic dandruff shampoo with lemon, cypress and basil naturally reestablishes a healthy pH and sebum levels in the body which make sure the skin is healthy. It promotes clean, minimized pores that enable healthy hair to grow. Our formula BEST DEGREASING SHAMPOO FOR OILY HAIR removes oil &

Why Sage Shampoo for Dandruff? Sage shampoo is a serious solution for a serious problem. By taking advantage of a synergistic formula which works to solve the root problems which are the cause of dandruff, Sage is dermatologist-recommended for its Shampoo contains sodium Treatment for dandruff at

How Avocado Oil Benefits the Skin Avocado Oil contains a large variety of vitamins and properties that make it one of the most potent, deep-penetrating moisturizers. It's loaded with vitamins A, E, and K which help preserve the skin's natural PURE REFINED AVOCADO OIL: Avocado oil contains many

Many companies use pressing methods that introduce high levels of heat into extraction process. This reduces -or eliminates- many of the oil's natural benefits. We extract our Apricot Kernel Seed Oil using only cold-press methods, allowing us to 100% PURE APRICOT SEED OIL contains no fillers or

Our synergistic formula with carrot oil, almond oil and jojoba, is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, these ingredients harmoniously work together to create a highly moisturizing recipe that repairs hair damage by utilizing essential oils to restore HYDRATING SHAMPOO FOR DRY HAIR moisturizes dry,

Maple Holistics Tea Tree Oil Conditioner: Three-in-one hair and scalp treatment contains a therapeutic essential oil formula which provides superior anti-dandruff properties, pure and natural conditioning agents to enhance hair texture and Tea Tree Oil Conditioner provides a comprehensive anti

100% pure and potent rosemary by Maple Holistics. Pure and safe rosemary for every day aromatherapy use PROMOTES HEALTHY HAIR GROWTH Very potent and highest grade and quality for women and men organic and more benefits (not an extract but real) cold pressed in a glass dropper bottle so it lasts