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This nonstick, lightweight product. Leaves your hair inviting to touch. As it defines and locks moisture into every curl. This nonstick, lightweight product Leaves your hair inviting to touch As it defines and locks moisture into every curl

As seen in "InStyle" magazine. One of Halle Berry's Top 5 "Must Have" beauty essentials. The miracle leave-in conditioner for curly hair. Penetrates the hair shaft, conditioning as it smooths the follicle. MIXED CHICKS will leave your curls soft, As seen in InStyle Magazine Halle Berry's "MUST

Nourish, detangle, and restore your thirsty curls with this exclusive conditioning blend which penetrates and reconstructs damaged areas, transforming style-stubborn hair into resilient, easy to maintain tresses. Softens hair. Detangles hair. Softens hair Detangles hair Moisturizes hair