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LED Photon Therapy Red Blue Green smooth Treatment Facial Beauty dermis caution Phototherapy Mask

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>>> LED Photon Therapy Red Blue Green <<<

LED Photon Therapy Red Blue Green

Feature :

  • Reduce and prevent wrinkles, allow fight fatty areas
  • Kill Bacteria, Virus, Stimulate Circulation, Eliminate Acne, Pimples
  • Improve complexion elasticity
  • Collagen Boosting and complexion Tightening
  • Inhibit the formation of melanin pigment

Details :

Item: LED Photon Therapy Red Blue Green lighting Treatment Facial Beauty epidermis decent caution Mask
Item ID: PE021
Colour: White
Voltage: 110V- 220V, 60Hz/ 50Hz
Package: 26.5x22x13.5 cm
Weight: 1.1 kg
Treatment Area: Facial


LED Mask X 1

rural influence X 1

USB Cable X 1

electricity Cord X 1

extensive English User hands-on X 1

- Clear, lighten, quick the epidermis
- Firm and accentuate epidermis texture
- eliminate and prevent wrinkles, allow fight fatty areas
- strengthen epidermis elasticity
- minimise Pores
- Balance epidermis tone
- accentuate circulation
- Inhibit the formation of melanin pigment
- Accelerate blood circulation

Red(630 nm)--- One of the a lot of highly effective colors to rise blood circulation.

Stimulate epidermis cells to excrete collagen to attain firm and quick texture.

The red lighting penetrating 8-10mm is suitable for any type of skin; it can gain access to derma to stimulate fibre cells.

Heating can strengthen blood circulation and collagen albumen hyperplasia to eliminate wrinkles and try to earn epidermis sometimes more elastic and smooth.

The mild wave length is suitable for surrounding eyes and forehead.

Blue(415 nm)---Excellent effect of kill bacteria, strengthen fragile epidermis The blue lighting penetrating about 0.5mm has the operation of calming against epidermis rashes; suitable for the epidermis which is sensitive, oily and throughout epidermis rashes.

It can adjust epidermis sebum secretion, effectively become rid of whelk to gain access to the aim of beautification.

Besides, the blue lighting can astringe and tighten loosened skin.

Green(525 nm)---Anti-aging, quick wrinkle and fine lines, overcome wounds The green lighting between red lighting and blue lighting is suitable for mixed skin.

It can strengthen the operation of alternating use of cells and oxygen and activate the microcirculation operation of body surface.

Meanwhile, calming the epidermis can try to earn the two body and epidermis relax, and eliminate the pain of skin.

- lessen And Prevent Wrinkles, wil Fight Fatty Areas
- strengthen skin area Elasticity
- limit Pores
- Balance skin area Tone
- enrich Circulation
- Inhibit The Formation Of Melanin Pigment
- Accelerate Blood Circulation

Red(630 Nm)--- One Of The a good number of robust Colors To strengthen Blood Circulation.

Stimulate skin area Cells To Excrete Collagen To attain Firm And smooth Texture.

The Red lumination Penetrating 8-10mm Is Suitable For Any Type Of Skin;
It Can attain Derma To Stimulate Fibre Cells.

Heating Can strengthen Blood Circulation And Collagen Albumen Hyperplasia To lessen Wrinkles And earn skin area more Elastic And Smooth.

The Mild Wave Length Is Suitable For Surrounding Eyes And Forehead.

Blue(415 Nm)---Excellent Effect Of Kill Bacteria, strengthen private skin area The Blue lumination Penetrating About 0.5mm Has The operation Of Calming Against skin area Rashes; Suitable For The skin area Which Is Sensitive, Oily And with Skin

It Can Adjust skin area Sebum Secretion, Effectively acquire Rid Of Whelk To attain The Aim Of Beautification.

Besides, The Blue lumination Can Astringe And Tighten Loosened Skin.

Green(525 Nm)---Anti-aging, smooth Wrinkle And Fine Lines, cure Wounds The Green lumination Between Red lumination And Blue lumination Is Suitable For Mixed Skin.

It Can strengthen The operation Of Alternating Use Of Cells And Oxygen And Activate The Microcirculation operation Of Body Surface.

Meanwhile, Calming The skin area Can earn the two Body And skin area Relax, And lessen The Pain Of Skin.