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NeoStrata Face Cream Plus AHA 15, 1.4 Ounce

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>>> NeoStrata Face Cream Plus <<<

NeoStrata Face Cream Plus

Feature :

  • Experienced AHA users favor this extra-strength exfoliating face cream that corrects the visible signs of photo aging utilizing 15% glycolic acid
  • 15% glycolic acid corrects the visible signs of photo aging
  • Hydrates dry, rough skin
  • Extra-strength, emollient and exfoliating cream
  • For experienced AHA users utilizing normal to dry, non-sensitive skin

Details :

This extra-strength, emollient and exfoliating cream targets correction of the visible signs of photo aging and normalization of dry, rough skin.

supposed for experienced AHA users together along with normal to waterless non-sensitive skin.

May be used to prepare the epidermis prior to a Neostrata SRS peel.


Formulated together along with 15% glycolic acid.

Of The Visible Signs Of Photo Aging And Normalization Of Dry, Rough


planned For Experienced AHA Users along with Normal To dry out Non-sensitive


May Be Used To Prepare The epidermis Prior To A Neostrata SRS Peel.


Formulated along with 15% Glycolic Acid.