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Panasonic ER-GN30-K Nose tracks & Hair Trimmer, Wet/Dry

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>>> Panasonic ER GN30 Nose ear canal Hair <<<

Panasonic ER GN30 Nose ear canal   Hair

Warrantry :

2-year limited

Feature :

  • Panasonic own groomer for men comfortably trims nose and listening to hair, details eyebrows, beards and mustaches and runs as a body and facial hair trimmer.
  • An immersible Panasonic Vortex cleanse up System draws in fluids from all sides and spins throughout the trimmer for very easy nasal hair trimmer cleanse up in seconds.
  • The ERGN30 nose clipper's dual-edge, hypoallergenic blades are curved to trim from top and sides, and retain a adequate numbers of hairs for al filtering.
  • Wet/dry practical nosehair trimmer, very comfortably and comfortably trims in the shower or trims dried up and fresh anytime, anywhere.
  • Lightweight and stream-lined nose and listening to clipper design, fully centric having one AA-size battery, incorporates protective nose trimmer cover and cleanse up brush for quickly maintenance.

Details :

The Panasonic ER-GN30-K nose hair trimmer for men creates it quick, nice and really clean and effortless to trim nose and ear canal hair, fine outline eyebrows and fine outline mustaches and beards.

It also removes facial and body hairs, making it a terrific nose hair trimmer for women.

This top rated nose hair trimmer uses a safe, rotary nasal hair chopping system to eliminate the risk of injury caused by using scissors as a nose and ear canal clipper.

Its ultra-sharp, hypoallergenic dual-edge blades are uniquely curved to draw in nose and ear canal hair from top and sides for valuable trimming, and leave the good amount of hairs for al filtering.

And its waterproof, wet/dry unique groomer convenience lets you comfortably use this Panasonic trimmer in the shower or dried up up anytime.

The built-in Vortex maintaining system creates maintaining the ear canal and nose trimmer swift and thorough.

quickly involve in minera and activate the maintaining mode.

minera is instantly pulled in and spun throughout the trimmer for total nose hair clipper cleansing.

A must-have addition to any woman's or men's grooming kit, the compact Panasonic ER-GN30-K men's nose and ear canal hair trimmer is influenced by one AA-size battery (not included), plenty of for 90 minutes of trimming, and is made up of a protective electronic nose hair trimmer cover and a maintaining brush for quick, on-the-spot maintenance.

System To Eliminate The Risk Of Injury Caused By Using Scissors As A Nose And ear canal Clipper.

Its Ultra-sharp, Hypoallergenic Dual-edge Blades Are Uniquely Curved To Draw In Nose And ear canal Hair From Top And Sides For helpful Trimming, And Leave The good Amount Of Hairs For natural Filtering.

And Its Waterproof,
Wet/dry own Groomer Convenience Lets You Comfortably Use This Panasonic Trimmer In The Shower Or dried up Anytime.

The Built-in Vortex cleanse System would make cleanse The ear canal And Nose Trimmer quickly And Thorough.

easily bury In fluids And Activate The cleanse Mode.

fluids Is Instantly Pulled In And Spun Throughout
The Trimmer For Total Nose Hair Clipper Cleansing.

A Must-have Addition To Any Woman's Or Men's Grooming Kit, The light-weight Panasonic ER-GN30-K Men's Nose And ear canal Hair Trimmer Is centric By One AA-size Battery (not Included), plenty of For 90 Minutes Of Trimming, And is made up of A Protective Electronic Nose Hair Trimmer cover And A cleanse Brush For Quick, On-the-spot Maintenance.