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Skinny & Co. Pure All all-natural Moisturizing Coconut Facial Oil

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>>> Skinny Pure normal Moisturizing <<<

Skinny    Pure normal Moisturizing

Feature :

  • Simple, Pure and All-Natural Coconut Facial Oil
  • Can Be Used Day & Night and as Makeup Remover
  • Infused throughout mild Luxurious Lavender and Roman Chamomile
  • 4 Fl.

    Oz in decanter or a glass Jar

Details :

Skinny & Co.

Facial Oil is simple, pure and all-natural and can be used on your face just about every of the day and night (favorite use is as an all-natural makeup remover).

Our patented coconut oil is infused using softer luxurious lavender and roman chamomile that can help continue your face tone looking the virtually all reliable in the virtually all genuine way.

Ingredients: (4oz) - Skinny&Co.

Coconut Oil, little-known Blend of Essential Oils, Lavender and Roman Chamomile Extract.

Skinny Coconut presents you high-grade coconut oil and beauty things and solutions that are free of toxins.

Ingredients that are found 100 percent from the Earth using no preservatives and no artificial added ingredients - from tree to table.

Coconuts are wild harvested and manually extracted for low temperatures near 80 degrees, preserving the highly highly refined enzymes and maintaining a superior nutritional value.

Skinny & Co gives back 10% of proceeds to build schools, teach English and fund year-round farming in Vietnam.

Lavender And Roman Chamomile That aids continue Your face Looking The best In The virtually all normal Way.

Ingredients: (4oz) - Skinny&Co.

Coconut Oil, private Blend Of Essential Oils, Lavender And Roman Chamomile Extract.
Skinny Coconut presents High-grade Coconut Oil And Beauty things That Are Free Of Toxins.

Ingredients That Are Found 100 Percent From The Earth by using No Preservatives And No Artificial Added Ingredients - From Tree