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Tweezerman Stainless material Slant Tweezer, Black

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>>> Tweezerman Stainless metallic Slant <<<

Tweezerman  Stainless metallic Slant

Warrantry :

Guaranteed to perform and are guaranteed against manufacturing defects

Feature :

  • Perfectly aligned tips
  • Tips are hand filed
  • Lifetime sharpening guarantee
  • Good Housekeeping closure of Approval

Details :

Positively the finest normal use tweezer in the world.

hints are hand-filed and beautifully aligned to grab the hair everytime.

Stainless iron utilizing baked enamel finish in black/midnight sky.

Use Tweezer In The World.


Are Hand-filed And Perfectly

Aligned To Grab The Hair Everytime.

Stainless metallic using Baked Enamel Finish In Black/midnight Sky.